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Dagun State School is situated in the Gympie district, 20km south of Gympie and approximately 200km north of Brisbane. It is nestled beneath the Dagun hills at the head of the Mary Valley, a rich agricultural area for a wide variety of timber, fruits, market garden crops, cattle, dairying and other animals. The town boasts a hardwood timber sawmill and our school. Residents enjoy a peaceful, rural lifestyle with easy access to Gympie and the Bruce Highway. They appreciate living within close vicinity of the Sunshine Coast, Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach.

School community


Our current student population is drawn from a wide area. Approximately half of the school’s population travels from Gympie South area and half live in Dagun and throughout the Mary Valley. Enrolments have fluctuated over the history of Dagun School, shifting between one and two teachers. From 20052011, Dagun has been a one teacher school, and after growth over the past few years currently has two teachers.

P&C association

The Dagun School P&C Association performs an important function and provides excellent support for our school community. They hold meetings twice per term on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5.30pm in the school library. These dates may sometimes vary, but exact times and dates are advertised in the school newsletter. All parents and friends are welcome and we appreciate input and suggestions from members and new families.

The P&C manages the uniforms for students and organises fundraising events. For the past six years, their major fundraising event has been pedestrian traffic control at the Gympie Show. Over the three day show, parents and friends raise significant funds by donating their time and effort to man shifts at the show entry and exit gates.

Many facilities have been provided by the P&C over the years. Traditionally our P&C have adopted the policy that all students should be able to attend camps and excursions to extend their learning and educational outcomes. Consequently, the P&C have subsidised camps to make them affordable for all families. For the past six years, every second year has seen a major whole school camp for students, with an objective of connecting learning with ‘real life’ experiences. These have included:

  • 2009 - Canberra (Australian government and democracy)
  • 2011 - Sovereign Hill, Ballarat (Australian history – 1850s gold rush era)
  • 2013 - Daydream Island (environmental sustainability)
  • 2017 - Mon Repos
  • 2018 - Canberra

Our 2020 P&C executive members are:

President Alison Hensel
Vice President Kristi Holliss
Secretary Kathryn Bagnall
Treasurer Kerri Santos
Assistant Treasurer Jaye Shaw
Uniform convenor Lauren Bryan
P&C members can be contacted via email address:

Dagun community group

Dagun School enjoys the support of the local Dagun community group. This group centres around the Dagun railway station and is a not-for-profit organisation run by local volunteers. Their primary purpose is to maintain and improve the heritage railway facilities and support community events and members, including our school.

Mary Valley schools cluster

Dagun School contributes significantly to the Mary Valley schools cluster which includes Amamoor and Kandanga State Schools and Mary Valley State College at Imbil. We participate in and co-operatively organise inter-school athletics, mini sports, swimming carnivals and bush poetry competitions. All Valley schools are supported by the Mary Valley Lions and participate in the annual Mary Valley Lions essay competition and poster competition. Valley schools support the Gympie show, Mary Valley show at Imbil, Mary Valley Scarecrow competition and the internationally acclaimed annual Gympie Muster at the Amamoor State Forest.

Gympie state schools alliance (GSSA)

As a member of the Gympie Alliance, Dagun school supports and participates in a range of events in the Gympie district. Gympie schools share curriculum based activities, including english, the arts, science, high ropes and maths team challenge, and students from Dagun school compete in Gympie schools zone sports. Schools in the Gympie Alliance share a united approach to behavior management which is outlined in the GSSA brochure. 

Last reviewed 31 August 2020
Last updated 31 August 2020